North Island - Auckland

Auckland: Ten of the best secret beaches

Blessed with three harbours and hundreds of kilometres of coastline, the Auckland region has dozens of "secret" bays and beaches. Many are known to few outside the immediate area and lovers of solitude will all have their favourite spots. Read more about the secret beaches

New Zealand Wins Rugby World Cup 2011

Congratulations New Zealand! The All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup 2011 after beating France 8 to 7 in Eden Park stadium, Auckland. All Blacks survive scare to clinch Cup.

The History of Auckland's Victoria Park Market

 Not many places can claim to have been a rubbish depot and years later, a tourist destination, but Auckland's Victoria Park Market can. Read more

Dinosaurs brought to life at Auckland Museum

 The museum has teamed up with Australian company Erth to bring their acclaimed Dinosaur Petting Zoo show to New Zealand. From today until January 29, three times a day audiences will be taken back to a time when dragonflies were as large as dogs and the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex stalked the lands. Read more


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